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FLT's vision files
You can see the simulations made by other floater sufferers downloading these files.
To use these files you will need the Floaters Simulator v2.0. Feel free to download it from this page.
Using the simulator “distribution tab” you will find the "floaters editor" program. Use this program to create your own simulation. Also if you want to share your floater simulation please send me an email and I'll be glad to put your FLT file on the web site.
Note: The files are zipped to save space.

If you just want to see some screenshots, do a click here.

FLT file list:
Steve.flt 4Kb Dic-2004
Musti.flt 3Kb Dic-2004
Yen.flt 7Kb Dic-2003
Jerry.flt 2Kb Dic-2003
ramon.flt 200Kb Dic-2003

Floaters webring


www.geocities.com/ ms_polock/index.html


perso.wanadoo.fr/ viney.nancy/floaters/

home.iccas.com/ silverlance/sub25.htm








How the human eye works


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Floaters moving.
captured from Floaters 1.1

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Diurnal photopsia.

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Floaters petition
floaters petition

please sign this petition to get a cure for floaters
What are floaters?
Vitreous Opacities (floaters) are small particles suspended inside the human eye. In time the vitreous gel fluid becomes more of a liquid as a result of the aging process causing these floaters to become more and more numerous and visible.
As the eyes moves these floaters change their position inside the eye causing strange visual displays which can be very annoying and often produce severe psychological torment for the floater sufferer.

Floaters seen during squinting. Image captured from Floaters 2.0
What causes floaters?
The most frequent cause of floaters is a Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD) when the vitreous gel fluid that fills the posterior area of the eye separates from the retina and/or back part of the eye. A PVD can naturally occur with the age, but can also happen long before if the person is myopic. Floaters can also appear after an eye trauma like a strong blow to the head such as getting hit from a ball or in a vehicle accident, etc...
Floaters cure?
The current cure for floaters is a surgery called Floater Only Vitrectomy (FOV). This surgery consists of removing and replacing the old “floater infested” vitreous gel fluid from the interior part of the patient’s eyes and replacing it with saline solution. This saline solution is then very rapidly replaced by the bodies own “naturally occurring” aqueous fluid.

I am somewhat afraid of this floater cure however because I do not like injections!

On the beach. Image captured from Floaters 2.0
Future floaters cure?
I haven’t heard of any floater sufferer that has been able to eliminate their floaters by using any type of medicine. Diet does not seem to help too much either.
Medical science is making rapid advances in surgical technology, however less aggressive and/or non-surgical methods to cure floaters is lagging far behind.

Do you know of a non aggressive cure? if your answer is yes, then please publish it in www.floaters.net/fworld.html, hundreds of people will thank you for it.
Are you a new floater sufferer?
Have you have arrived at this page because you have begun to see those annoying flies?
You probably do not have any serious vision problems; however you should get a thorough eye exam from an Ophthalmologist just to make sure and to prevent any future complications.
Please read more about your floaters by visiting the "general links" and "floaters webring" sections.

Floaters and photopsias. Image captured from Floaters 2.0
Why make a floaters simulator?
We have much to thank Eye Doctors for because these individuals are in the unique position to improve our lives from terrible things like blindness!
After reading many forums on this subject I have regrettably come to the conclusion that the medical community as a whole is not doing everything it can to solve this insidious problem which affects so many people around the world
I believe there are two causes by which the medical community fails to give the emphasis due the floater problem:

First the appearance of floaters is mostly associated with age and is therefore usually a part of the natural aging process. While this is generally true, I have read many forums that floaters torment to many people who are less than 20 years of age, please take a look at www.floaters.net/fworld.html and read these forums for more information for yourself.
second in most cases floaters are very small particles that remain invisible for an Ophthalmologist to see. While the Ophthalmologist has great difficulty in seeing these floaters the individual can see their floaters as big as a mountain or as big as a building. Unfortunately, it is also very difficult for an Ophthalmologist, who does not suffer from floaters, to really understand and/or appreciate the annoyance that floaters can become in our lives.

This floater simulator program is my attempt to allow you to graphically visualize your floaters in a very real way by giving you the ability to display your floaters so that everyone will be able to understand and appreciate exactly what you are seeing.

You can also download the floaters-v21.zip file from www.eyefic.com.

Floaters v2.1
Revised: 09-Dic-2004
Released: 2-Dic-2003
download file:
floaters-v21.zip (1.5Mb)
This new version works with DirectX and was tested in Win XP and Win2000. It should work in all other Windows OS also.

One floater with a -4 diopters background.
Image captured from Floaters 2.0

Floaters v1.2
Released: 11-Aug-2002
download file:
No longer supported.
floaters-v12.zip (951Kb)

This version will NOT run under Win95. You will need Win98, Win2000, WinNT or WinXP due to the new transparency feature. Floaters.exe uses the AlphaBlend function that is NOT available in Win95 :(

Nice sunset.
Image captured from Floaters 1.2

Floaters v1.1
Released: 6-Aug-2002
download file:
No longer supported
floaters-v11.zip (1.5Mb)

This version will NOT run under Win95. you will need Win98, Win2000, WinNT,or WinXP due to the new transparency feature. Floaters.exe uses the AlphaBlend function that is NOT available in Win95 :(

There are two changes from version 1.0 to 1.1:
  • The size of floaters groups can be up to 500. Thanks to Simon Foster who helped me to orient this aspect of the simulator.
  • Note: floaters can also appear semi-transparent.
String floaters looking at the sky.
Image captured from Floaters 1.1

Driving the city.
Image captured from Floaters 1.1

Floaters v1.0
Released: 1-Jul-2002
download file:
No longer supported.
floaters.zip (1.5Mb)

This is the 1st version of the floater simulator. This program will run on any Win 32 OS.

No transparent floater.
Image captured from Floaters 1.0
For any comment or question feel free to contact me at ramon@floatershell.com
Thanks to Dan Fox for his help translating this site to true english :)

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